Conduit elbow makes wire pulling easier

T&B Fittings Universal Conduit Elbow functions as four conduit elbows in one.

Memphis, Tenn., November 2, 2010—The new T&B Fittings Universal Conduit Elbow from Thomas & Betts functions as four elbows in one, resulting in the reduction of stock parts. The new Universal Conduit Elbow replaces LL, LR, LB and C conduit bodies for most applications. In addition, pulling wire is much easier because the radius of the Universal Conduit Elbow is the same as the conduit itself, which enables fiber optic cable to be run through a 3/4-inch system instead of a two-inch system required for other conduit elbows.

“As the name implies, this new conduit elbow is truly universal, because it goes almost anywhere a conduit bend is required,” said Mark Nowak, product manager with Thomas & Betts. “With the Universal Conduit Elbow, there’s no need to worry about having the right conduit elbow for the job. Its versatility provides significant savings in inventory costs and installation time.”

The T&B Fittings Universal Conduit Elbow’s wire-fill rating is 40 percent, which is the same as conduit, and increases the amount of wire that can be run through smaller fittings. For example, the recommended fill rate for a standard 3/4-inch conduit run is 40 percent (five #6 wires or equivalent). If a normal elbow is used in the run, code requires that the conduit diameter must be increased to 1 1/2 inches to accommodate a tighter bend radius and increased pulling tension. The Universal Conduit Elbow’s design enables an easy negotiation of angles that eliminates the need for sharp, tight and sometimes limiting bends in the conduit run, which allows for the elbow to remain in the 3/4-inch system.

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