Brooks Utility Products introduces new gas and water meter security products

Brooks Utility Products is expanding their offerings to the gas and water utility industry with a line of products that will provide these utilities with the ultimate in revenue protection and security

Farmington Hills, Mich., September 3, 2010 — Brooks Utility Products, the premier supplier of metering security products for the electric utility industry, is expanding their offerings to the gas and water utility industry with a line of products that will provide these utilities with the ultimate in revenue protection and security.

“These products are specifically designed for the unique requirements of gas and water utility systems,” said Patrick Lalley with Brooks UP. “Our products protect against tampering with the large lines and diverting of service, as well as any breaches that occur within remote or advanced metering systems.

“We have selected plated hardened steel, stainless steel, and die cast zinc alloy materials for their long-term strength and durability, and have tested them extensively in a variety of critical environments,” Lalley added.

The gas and water metering products include:

* Locking Pipe Plug — This plated, case hardened-steel plug prevents unauthorized use of service during meter or service piping change outs, and is secured with a barrel lock. A wide variety of Brooks UP plastic seals can also be used to indicate tampering.

* Wing Type Valve Protector — Made of die cast zinc alloy, these new protectors completely enclose the barrel lock, protecting it from physical attacks, even by hacksaws and hammer blows. A seal adapter allows the use of a Brooks UP plastic padlock seal for further security.

* Water Union Nut Lock — A three component, case-hardened, plated steel high security locking device that is designed to encapsulate union nuts to secure gas and water meters. The entire assembly is then secured with a barrel lock.

* Connection Nut Lock — A case hardened plated steel device that completely encloses the connection nut and is secured with a barrel lock.

* Barrel Locks — These hardened or stainless steel locks are offered in a range of different security level keying systems and optional weather seal for protection against any environmental condition.

* Toolless Roto Seal — A seal made from acrylic plastic that requires no sealing tool. This product features a transparent body and a colored insert. Available with either a stainless steel or Kevlar sealing wire.

* Global Lok Cable Seal 2000 — Made of galvanized aircraft cable, this patented design provides a tensile strength of more than 4,000 pounds and can seal the smallest of apertures.

* Connection Nut Seals — These seals are the first line of defense to indicate tampering of meter connection nuts. Made of poly plastic, its mated halves install around the connection nut without tools.

* Security Labels — These labels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, including unique non-residue, laminate residue and removable adhesive residue to indicate if label has been tampered with.

“In addition to these new products, Brooks UP has a complete line of locks and seals that can be added to any gas or water metering application for further security and revenue protection,” Lalley said. “We believe we can now offer the most complete line of security hardware for the ultimate in revenue protection for gas and water utilities.”

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