Compact inverter provides safety and shock prevention

Tripp Lite introduces Model PV1800GFCI ultra-compact inverter, equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters.

Chicago, September 9, 2010—Tripp Lite has introduced a new ultra-compact inverter (Model PV1800GFCI), equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) for maximum safety and shock prevention. Fully OSHA-compliant and designed for use in mobile environments such as semi trucks and work/utility trucks, it efficiently provides quiet electricity to office equipment on the road or to power tools at a work site.

Key features and benefits:
• Continuously supplies up to 1,800 watts of 120 Vac power to two GFCI-protected outlets from any 12V battery or automotive dc source
• Compact size and lightweight metal case make the PV1800GFCI one of the smallest, most rugged inverters available at this power level
• High-efficiency operation conserves batteries to prolong run time
• Remote control capability allows the inverter to be mounted in a compartment or cabinet out of sight, while operated and monitored conveniently from the vehicle’s dashboard
• Quietly provides electricity for power tools, lights, pumps, laptop computers, cell phone chargers, fans, heaters, wet/dry vacs and more

“The PV1800GFCI provides a safe, energy-efficient alternative for applications in which generator use would be hazardous or unavailable," said Daryl Domask, Tripp Lite sales manager. “Combined with the wattage capacity to power work tools and equipment, its GFCI-protected outlets and OSHA compliance make the inverter an essential addition to any commercial mobile environment."

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