KNAACK PowerCrew delivers safe jobsite power

PowerCrew replaces the unsafe practice of jerry rigging power solutions for jobsite boxes

Crystal Lake, Ill., September 2, 2010 — The KNAACK PowerCrew 15-amp in-box power supply provides a safer solution for in-box power that works in any brand or style of jobsite box. PowerCrew is the industry exclusive solution for worry-free power supply; virtually eliminating the risks of shock and fire.

It has four GCFI-protected electrical outlets providing 15 amps of power for operating tools or charging batteries. The power source comes via a standard three-prong/straight blade extension cord, which plugs into the outside of the box.

PowerCrew replaces the unsafe practice of jerry-rigging power solutions for jobsite boxes, such as drilling holds in boxes and running power cords to tools, resulting in overloaded circuits and snarled cords laying on the floor to trip and fall on.

PowerCrew includes a number of important safety features. One of them, an internal relay, senses an open neutral conductor (a broken wire) in the power supply line.

If this occurs, the relay remains open preventing electricity from reaching a person who might make contact with the broken wire. Another safety feature is the red LED that indicates the four outlets have power and are ready to power-up a tool or charger.

Listed with Underwriters Laboratory, PowerCrew has been tested and determined to meet recognized safety standards from an independent laboratory. By receiving the UL listing, PowerCrew also has demonstrated compliance with OSHA-recognized test standards.

PowerCrew received a prestigious honor when it was selected as one of the Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines’ “100 Best New Products” picks for 2009.

“Meade has purchased approximately 25-40 PowerCrew units for gang boxes. PowerCrew is a great idea that saves time and money on the jobsite, and is much safer than running extension cords. We use PowerCrew primarily for charging power tools day and night, as well as our hand-held radios. Prior to PowerCrew, we would have to charge in the trailers which could be far away from the work being done,” states Greg A., Purchasing Director, Meade Electrical, McCook, Illinois.

Additionally, Joe V., Safety Manager at Southland Industries in Dulles, Va., states “Prior to PowerCrew, the Mid-Atlantic Division of Southland Industries tried several solutions to provide power to jobsite storage boxes, all of which involved passing an extension cord through the wall of a box via an insulated hole. These methods all failed, causing extension cords to fray due to the friction caused by rubbing against the metal wall, which rendered the cords unsafe. As a company, we refuse to use unsafe tools.

As a result, Southland purchased over 100 PowerCrew units for jobsite storage boxes. PowerCrew addressed our needs for safe and reliable power sourcing that complied with OSHA standards. Since they were installed, PowerCrew has provided a reliable and OSHA-compliant power source.

Since we implemented the use of PowerCrew, we have not had one single failure. It is truly a “get it and forget it” item. We believe that PowerCrew is the safest solution on the market to provide power to jobsite boxes.”

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