Gas powered hammer drill

Model GT-5000HD gas-powered hammer drill introduced.

Fair Lawn, N.J., June 21, 2010—As the exclusive North American distributor for VESSEL Co. in Japan, JDV Products Inc. is proud to introduce VESSEL’s new GT-5000HD gasoline powered hammer drill.

This item is truly “portable” and does not require an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic power source. It’s equipped with a powerful and rugged two-stroke, forced air-cooled gas-powered engine providing high torque output and accommodates up to a 1.97 inch (50mm) diameter SDS-max shank hammer drill for forceful drilling.

Due to the portability of the unit, the GT-5000HD is very useful for remote jobsites such as rock drilling, stone cutting, concrete working, bridges, road construction and more.

The unit is ergonomically well balanced, only weighs 39.5 lbs (17.90kg) and could be comfortably used in the horizontal or vertical position. Also, it doesn’t use forced air to blow debris from the hole—so operators are less prone to breathing in dust particles, which helps prevents health issues such as silicosis.

The GT-5000HD is approved by Emission Control Directive 2002/88/EC and 97/68/EC and carries the “CE” marking.

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