Portable labelers introduced

3M and DYMO portable labelers offer real staying power for electrical markets.

Austin, Texas, June 9, 2010—3M Electrical Markets Div. introduced a new family of portable, industrial labelers designed specifically for the unique needs of electrical markets.

The 3M Portable Labelers, manufactured by DYMO, can be used for DIY or industrial jobsite applications to easily label wires, cables, modules, panels and blocks in addition to creating custom flags or vertical labels. All units feature one-touch hot keys with shortcuts for the most common formatting requirements. The family of labelers also prints on a range of label materials, including heat shrink, for long-lasting labels that can stick to challenging surfaces.

For light commercial and residential environments, the Portable Labeler PL100 offers more functionality at an affordable price. The unit prints on industrial-grade labels, including heat shrink, for a variety of surfaces and environments.

The additional features of the Portable Labeler PL200 make it very useful for high-end electrical, MRO and construction professionals. The rugged, lightweight and powerful labeler provides a larger LCD display and a pre-programmed symbol library making on-the-job formatting and printing easier. In addition, more than 100 customized labels can be saved for on-demand printing.

With the 3M Portable Labeler software and PC connectivity, the Portable Labeler PL300 can accommodate customized graphics, logos, symbols and industry terms. More than 1,000 customized labels can be saved for on-demand printing. In addition, more than 250 industry terms and symbols are pre-programmed.

All portable labelers use interchangeable portable labeler refill cartridges from 3M that are easy to load, print and peel and are available in a variety of materials suitable for a variety of surfaces and environments.

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