IDEAL Twister LT wire connector fits easily into tight electrical boxes

Thirty percent smaller than other connectors, Twister LT is very good for retrofit and lighting.

Sycamore, Ill., June 7, 2010—IDEAL has expanded its line of Twister wire connectors to include an ultra-compact connector for electricians frustrated by trying to make wiring connections inside congested electrical boxes. Approximately 30 percent smaller than conventional wire connectors, the IDEAL Twister LT boosts a super thin profile for improved box-fill capacity.

Perfect for tackling virtually any electrical job, Twister LT connectors are especially effective in new lighting and retrofit applications. Their compact size makes the job move faster and improves the system's overall safety. In addition, the proven Twister swept-wing design with hexagonal head gives electricians a secure grip—whether they are connecting by hand or by using a nut driver. The live-action square-wire spring threads quickly onto conductors for secure connections.

Although small, Twister LT connectors have a deep, flared skirt to accommodate a wide wire range from 2 #22 AWG to 3 #12 AWG. Plus, they work equally well with solid or stranded copper wire. They're rated to 600V maximum in building wiring, and 1000V maximum for signs or lighting fixtures.

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