Heated cordless jacket for cold jobsites

Milwaukee Electric Tool introduces M12 cordless heated jacket

Milwaukee, December 2, 2010—Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. continues to expand its sub-compact battery system with the introduction of the M12 cordless heated jacket.

Compatible with the entire line of M12 professional power tools, the new heated jacket utilizes the M12 RED LITHIUM battery technology to actively warm the body and stimulate blood circulation in even the coldest jobsite conditions.

Hidden in a back pocket, the RED LITHIUM battery is cited to deliver superior runtime, with up to six hours of continuous heat on a single battery charge.

“Electricians, plumbers and service technicians are just a handful of industry professionals who face adverse cold weather conditions during the fall and winter months. Another advantage of this product is its versatility on and off the jobsite. Users can go from wearing this jacket in the blistering cold of a winter jobsite to wearing it in their free time.”

Providing warmth and comfort, the heated jacket utilizes three sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones, strategically placed in key areas, to warm the user. This durable heating element can be set to high, medium or low with the simple touch of a button on the lapel. The heated jacket is also water and wind resistant to provide comfort and durability in harsh environments.

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