Low pressure cutter boosts crew productivity

Hi-Lines' HK-LPC180 low-pressure cutter cuts through hard materials in seconds.

Elgin, Ill., October 8, 2010—Hi-Line has introduced the HK-LPC180, a new low-pressure cutter that will boost your crew’s productivity. The HK-LPC180 will cut through hard materials such as aluminum conductor, steel reinforced (ASCR) cable and guy strand in just three seconds using standard truck pressure up to 1750 psi.

You can forget the additional maintenance and increased safety concerns that come with boosting truck pressure to 10,000 psi. This low-pressure cutter will satisfy all your cutting needs for ACSR, guy strand, copper and aluminum, cold rolled steel and wire rope.

This tool is designed to run directly off of your truck’s low-pressure hydraulic system. No intensifier is needed. The cutter head weighs 11 lbs. and the power unit weighs 18 lbs.

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