Cable systems for substations

Hendrix Aerial announces space-saving cable systems for substations.

Milford, N.H., October 12, 2010—Hendrix Aerial, a Marmon Utility LLC company and provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces the availability of Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems, a space-saving solution for substations. The spacer cable reduces right-of-way requirements at substation exits, allows more efficient use of limited space in substations and provides increased reliability on the critical feeder circuits at substation exits.

Using bare wire at substations can cause significant issues with electrical clearance and reliability. Spacer cables allow for multiple circuits to be on each pole, reducing right-of-way requirements at substation exits and along the distribution line where multiple circuits are required. Furthermore, over- or under-building spacer cable systems in substation exits can greatly reduce the cost of adding capacity.

In addition to saving space, the cable covering and the mechanical strength of spacer cable systems provide increased reliability on the critical feeder circuits at substation exits.

A spacer cable system consists of a messenger cable that supports the structure, polyethylene spacers to hold the cable across spans and covered conductor cable. The messenger cable is the support member for the structure, serving as both system neutral and lightning shield. After being installed and attached to the messenger, the spacers support, separate and clamp the phase conductors.

The spacers have excellent weather washing characteristics. Their long leakage distance resists flashovers; their close phase spacing minimizes voltage drop; and their design provides high short circuit strength. They are highly resistant to shock, impact or rifle fire, and can be installed with hot line tools. The individual cables used in the spacer cable system contain a three-layer covering, which can withstand temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, thus reducing outages and improving power quality.

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