Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes introduced

GMP's expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes place polyethylene underground duct and innerduct conduit more efficiently.

Trevose, Pa., July 1, 2010—General Machine Products Co. Inc. (GMP) has introduced the new Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes to its extensive line of underground tools and equipment. GMP's Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes allow for the protected pulling of duct and innerduct conduit. The Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes feature a one-piece cone design with a full sleeve to completely enclose the jaws. The expanding jaws help the pulling eyes fit firmly into conduit, while the sleeve prevents the expansion or rupturing of polyethylene conduit during installation and pulling. GMP's Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes are made from hardened alloy steel and come equipped with a swiveling-eye nut that allows for the attachment of a pulling line of awkward utility cable reels in tight spaces easily, saving time, money and back strain.

GMP's Expanding Jaw Pulling Eyes are offered in a variety of sizes that can accomodate the installation of 1.25 to 14 inch (3.18 to 35.56 cm) diameter polyethylene conduit in wall sizes that range from SDR 9 to SDR 21 and Sch 40. For conduit diameters smaller than 2 inches (5.08 cm), GMP also offers a line of Innderduct Pulling Eyes. The 10, 12 and 14 inch (254, 304.8, 355.6 mm) pulling eyes are available through special order.

The SDR designation determines a conduit's minimum wall thickness. To calculate this thickness, simply divide a conduit's nominal outside diameter by its SDR value. A 4-inch (101.6 mm) conduit that is designated SDR 11 will have a minimum wall thickness of 0.364 inches (9.24 mm) (4 in. / 11 = 0.364 in.).

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