Pneumatic saw and clamp assembly

ESCO Tool's APS-438 pneumatic saw and clamp assembly cuts steel plate anywhere there is compressed air.

Holliston, Mass., July 8, 2010—A pneumatic saw and quick-clamp assembly that lets users cut steel plate up to 2 inches thick and 15 feet wide anywhere there is a 90 psi compressed air supply is available from ESCO Tool. ESCO’s APS-438 Air-Powered Saw and Quick-Clamp lets workers take the saw to the steel plate rather than transporting the plate to a large table saw and can produce square cuts with no HAZ. Featuring a 2-inch W steel track with two wedge-style clamps for attaching to the plate, the pneumatic saw mounts on a bracket that glides along the track using four V-grooved steel wheels.
Providing a cut line indicator gauge to simplify setup and alignment, the Quick-Clamp’s track comes in 5 to 15 foot sections and ESCO’s APS-438 Air-Powered Saw is powered by a 3-hp motor. Designed for maximum rigidity, it square-cuts steel plate up to 2 inches thick using fiberglass reinforced blades and is also ideally suited for cutting boiler tube panels up to 4 inches thick.

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