Metal bonding adhesive replaces rivets and spot welds

Master Bond's Supreme 11HT metal adhesive produces bonds with significantly high shear and high peel strengths.

Hackensack, N.J., April 7, 2010—Designed to replace rivets and spot welds in metal lap joints, structural adhesive Supreme 11HT produces tough and high strength bonds having excellent shear and peel strengths. Master Bond's metal bonding adhesive is formulated for service from –100 degrees F to over 400 degrees F. It offers high resistance to impact, thermal shock, vibration and fatigue cracking, while also maintaining moisture, creep, corrosion and thermal resistance. This two-part metal bonding epoxy offers a relatively fast cure at room temperature, or a more rapid cure at elevated temperatures. One-hundred percent reactive, it does not contain any diluents, solvents or any hazardous ingredients.

Supreme 11HT is unique in the wide variety of different metals to which it offers outstanding adhesion. Its high strength bonds are remarkably resistant to chemicals including fuels, water, oil and many organic solvents even upon prolonged exposures. Adhesion to brass, aluminum, Nitenol, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is very good. The hardened adhesive is a superior electrical insulator. Its imposing performance profile qualifies Supreme 11HT metal adhesive for use in difficult applications in the electronic, electrical, appliance, automotive and chemical industries.

Master Bond's array of metal adhesives and coatings for metal surfaces are effectively applied on dissimilar metal substrates. These include metals with different melting points which are difficult to bond by other joining technologies. High-strength and durable bonds can be developed for aluminum adhesive bonding as well as for cast iron, stainless steel, titanium, brass, and chromium. Copper and stainless steel adhesive offers chemical and abrasion resistance as well as thermal shock and vibration durability for service in high and very low, cryogenic temperatures.

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