Boiler tube panel saw square cuts hard pipe on site

ESCO Tools’s APS-438 Air-Powered Saw is fast and clean.

Holliston, Mass, May 18, 2010—A versatile air-powered panel saw that produces perfectly square cuts on stainless steel, super duplex, inconel, concrete lined pipe, and other hard materials is available from ESCO Tool.

The Esco APS-438 Air-Powered Saw features a standard fiberglass reinforced blade or optional carbide-tipped steel blade and produces a 4-3/8 inch deep cut. Providing plus/minus 1/16 inch accuracy and no HAZ, this saw easily attaches to boiler panels using two weld tabs or a quick-clamp for trimming new panels, and is offered with a rigid chain-mount clamp system to permit single pipe work.

Faster and cleaner than a reciprocating hack saw for pipe chop-off applications, the Esco APS-438 Air-Powered Saw is especially useful for fabrication shop and fit-up work at job sites. Powered by a 3 hp motor, it requires only 80 CFM at 90 psi and weighs only 28 lbs. Accommodating 10 inch or 12 inch blades, the saw includes a standard grease fitting, safety throttle and relief valve.

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