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Specialized Products Co. has added the M700 Noyes OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) tool to its 2010 source book catalog offerings.

Feb 24th, 2010

Southlake, Texas, February 24, 2010—Specialized Products Co. (SPC), which offers a comprehensive selection of off-the-shelf tool kit solutions for professional system integrators and installers, has added the M700 Noyes OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) tool to its 2010 source book catalog offerings.

The M700 Noyes OTDR is compact and full-featured offering an integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL), an Optical Power Meter (OPM) capable of displaying up to three wavelengths simultaneously, and a large transflective touch screen display suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation.

Available in four models, the M700 Noyes OTDR supports Full Auto, Expert (manual) and Real-Time test modes, precision even analysis, up to three wavelengths testing, rich file naming and an intuitive job setup functionality. In addition to OTDR event analysis, pass/fail acceptance values can be set to alert the test operator of failing or marginal events. Using one of the Least Squares Approximation (LSA) loss methods, events may be added or deleted manually.

Thousands of OTDR and OPM test results can be stored internally or on the supplied USB drive, and are transferable via a USB cable or drive to a computer for viewing, printing and analyzing with supplied Windows compatible software. Saved OPM loss values for a cable in one or two directions can be displayed in a table on the M700 for evaluation and testing.

The M700 Noyes OTDR is designed for daily use by cable installers, A/V and home security professionals and IT departments.

M700 features include:
- Integrated OPM and VFL (650 nm)
- Full Auto, Expert, and Real-Time OTDR test modes
- Pass/Fail Event and Link Thresholds settings
- 6.5-inch transflective (indoor/outdoor) touch screen display
- Tool-free, switchable test port adapters
- Rechargeable Li-ion battery (8 hours) or AC power
- USB host and function ports
- Bellcore (GR-196) SOR file format
- Internal (1000s test results) and USB storage
- Windows compatible software

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