Allows for One-Step Configuration from the Wire to the Enterprise

Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries, Ltd. (NYSE:CBE), announces the introduction of the new Cybectec SMP I/O.

Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries, Ltd. (NYSE:CBE), announces the introduction of the new Cybectec SMP I/O. The SMP I/O, which effectively completes the Cybectec SMP product line of substation solutions, is a distributed, substation-hardened, contact input/output processing unit. The SMP I/O offers significant savings for utility plants and facilities by reducing the amount of wiring required as well as configuration and commissioning time.

The SMP I/O is incredibly practical, as it is able to be installed closer to power equipment which saves on cabling costs while offering remote upgrading capabilities. Designed to install directly into 19"
relay racks, the SMP I/O is easily field-upgradeable and supports the industry's standard DNP3 communication protocol. Rugged and reliable, the SMP I/O supports the simultaneous operation of up to 18 outputs and includes built-in input redundancy. In addition, this product meets all the IEEE and IEC requirements for vibration, electrical surges, fast transients and extreme temperature ranges.

A collection of cutting-edge advancements was used in the design of the SMP I/O. The local/remote control switch, coupled with the IRIG-B input, ensures the safe, accurate and reliable operation of the module. The product also supports select-before-operate (SBO) or direct-execute outputs and 1ms transition time tagging.

"The new SMP I/O was the next logical step to complete the Cybectec product line of substation solutions," said Jonathan Piel, Cooper Power Systems' Global Product Manager of Substation Automation.
He continued, "Coupled with the well-known SMP Intelligent Substation Gateway, utilities now have access to a comprehensive range of intelligent products to relay substation data from the equipment to the control center and those who operate them."

The Cybectec SMP series of products are well regarded as an industry leader in bridging the gap between substation and the people who maintain, engineer and plan the future of the enterprise. The SMP I/O is available now from Cooper Power Systems and the Cybectec product line group. For more information, visit

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