Capital Safety Expands i-Safe RFID System Retrofitting Capabilities

RFID tags now available for a variety of equipment and surfaces

The DBI-SALA i-Safe Intelligent Safety System has been the top-rated radio frequency identification (RFID) system for fall protection equipment since its introduction last year. Capital Safety is now making it easier to equip existing lines of equipment, including non-fall protection equipment, with RFID tracking capabilities by expanding its line of retrofit tags.

Joining the existing i-Safe Soft Retrofit Tag is the i-Safe Cable Retrofit Tag and the i-Safe™ Rigid Retrofit Tag. This family of tags allows a variety of items and surfaces to be tagged for paperless inspection and inventory tracking with the i-Safe™ system.

The new i-Safe Cable Retrofit Tag, at about the size of a golf ball, fits wire rope up to 3/16" in diameter and is ideal for self-retracting lifelines and other cable products including slings and winches. The two halves of the ball are quickly fastened together with a screwdriver.

The new i-Safe Rigid Retrofit Tag is exceptionally versatile, featuring a low profile that allows it to be attached to almost anything, including a variety of systems and anchors, in addition to non-fall protection equipment such as tool boxes, electrical panels and portable ladders. The Rigid Retrofit Tag can be affixed with the supplied tie-wrap, key ring or adhesive pad, or it can be screwed or riveted in place.

These two new products complement the i-Safe™ Soft Retrofit Tag, which has been the standard for outfitting existing fall protection systems. The soft tag is ideal for harnesses, lanyards and other fabric materials, as well as lifting slings and chains, small diameter pipes, power tools and fire extinguishers. The Soft Tag uses a choker and snap design for quick and simple attachment.

"There's nothing quite like i-Safe™ in this industry," said John Fuke, Global i-Safe™ Manager with Capital Safety. "DBI-SALA is the only fall protection manufacturer that can equip any fall protection equipment, including other manufacturers' equipment, as well as products outside of fall protection with RFID tracking capabilities."

i-Safe uses radio frequency identification to provide quick access to inspection and inventory information. The inspection feature allows the user to access predetermined questions to inspect and record the data without accessing files or notes. The system also allows the user to assign the equipment to a location and a user. The administrator knows where the equipment is and who is using it at all times. The system is paperless and reduces the time of inspecting and recording inspections by well over 30 percent.

Capital Safety, designer and manufacturer of height safety and fall protection equipment with 9 operating sites worldwide, is home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands. All of Capital Safety's fall protection and rescue systems are backed by the best training, technical assistance and customer service in the industry. For more information, contact Capital Safety at 800-328-6146, 651-388-8282 or visit them on the web at

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