Cable cutter: Clad cable cutting machine introduced

Utility equipment: Greenlee launches C3 Auto Whip clad cable cutting machine, cited to be the first fully automated AC (BX), MC Cable and FMC notching and cutting machine allowing operators push button setup and the freedom to walk away.

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Cable cutter: Greenlee Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, introduces the C3 Auto Whip™ clad cable cutting machine to industry professionals. This automated solution for notching and cutting AC (BX), MC Cable & FMC is designed to increase worker safety and productivity.

“This is the [first machine] capable of notching and cutting AC (BX), MC Cable & FMC with a solution that is fully automated after easily programming the touchscreen interface,” said Jae Lee, product manager at Greenlee. “The C3 Auto Whip is [significantly] safer than any current cable-cutting machine that’s available because the cutting saws on the C3 Auto Whip are fully enclosed by the machine’s housing, which is designed to protect workers from injury.”

Currently, workers notch and cut cable either with a hand tool or a manually operated machine that uses an open saw blade. Both methods are labor intensive because of their repetitive process, and require full attention of the worker to complete the task.

The C3 Auto Whip clad cable cutting machine features a touch screen interface, which allows the operator to input the correct cable configuration so that the machine is aware of the cable size, type, and desired whip length. Also featured is a USB input that will allow custom whip configurations to be uploaded into the machine. The operator then pushes a button to start the C3 Auto Whip machine, allowing the freedom to walk away and complete additional tasks. The C3 Auto Whip machine automatically cuts the cable and exports those whips from the opposite end of the machine.

“This machine greatly improves labor productivity while keeping workers safer, which is the goal for everyone,” said Lee. Additional features include an emergency stop button that will halt machine operation if necessary, as well as Lockout/Tagout to ensure the machine is de-energized during blade changes.

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