Work light: Skid mount electric light plant is safe, effective

Safety lighting: Larson Electronics offers 3,000-watt high Intensity LED light plant with skid mount five-stage electric mast - extends up to 30 ft.

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Work light: Larson Electronics’ LM-30-8-5S-6X600LTL-LED-EW-E18-SM-RD five stage telescoping steel light mast with electric winch is designed to quickly and safely deploy 3,000 watts of intense LED lighting in locations where elevated illumination is needed for maximum area coverage. This light boom can be extended to 30' for maximum area coverage and collapsed to 11' for applications where a footprint smaller is required. The tower is constructed of square steel tubing with a base section 5.92' in length and 6" by 6" by 3/16" thick, lower section 6.04' in length and 5" by 5" by 3/16" thick, middle section 6.19' in length and 4" by 4" by 1/8" thick, upper section 6.34' in length and 3" by 3" by 1/8" thick, and a top section 6.5' in length and 2" by 2" by 1/8" thick. Each section has a 1' overlap. The mast is elevated using an included 3,500 lbs electric winch with 3/16" galvanized braided cable.

LED Lights: Included with this light tower are six of our wet area suitable GAU-LTL-600W-LED high output LED fixtures producing a combined total of approximately 360,000 lumens at 3,000 watts. Each light head contains Forty-eight CREE® high output LEDs producing 1250 lumens each are arranged in rows and paired with PMMA high purity optics to produce a well-focused 25° wide spot beam that is ideal for providing far reaching concentrated illumination while still covering a substantial amount of area. We also offer optional optics with 10° spot, 38° narrow flood, 60° flood, and 90° wide flood beam spreads. The spot beams are tightly focused and are designed for high elevation mounting to achieve distance, making spot versions ideal for high mast and spots lighting. The flood beams are designed to provide more light over a larger area nearer the fixture, making flood versions ideal for use as dedicated work and area lights.

Additionally, we can mix and match beam configurations on each unit. Our three most common dual configurations are the top four lights in 25° spot beam with the bottom two lights in a 38° narrow flood beam for one configuration, the four top lights in a 38° narrow flood beam with the bottom two lights in a 60° flood beam, and two inside lights in a 60° flood beam and the remaining lights a 90° wide flood beam. Alternative customer configurations are available upon request, including alternating beam configuration fixtures on the top row. Please contact us for special requirements.


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