Energy management: Buck-boost transformers for industrial equipment

Power management: One of the best ways to manage power loads is by installing a Larson Electronics buck-boost transformer in your system.

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Energy management: Protecting expensive equipment in your business starts with meeting power/voltage requirements of the particular machine or device (lighting systems, machines, HVAC systems and more). One of the best ways to manage power loads is by installing a buck-boost transformer in your system.

These units, also classified as an autotransformer, can help increase (boost) or decrease (buck) supply line voltage to ensure compatibility and reduce risks associated with failure.

Benefits of using a buck-boost transformer includes the following:
• Preserve equipment lifespan
• Increase efficiency/productivity rates
• Reduce energy bills
• Decrease heat emission
• Long-term savings by foregoing costly maintenance/repair

At Larson Electronics, we offer an assortment of single phase, three phase delta and three phase wye buck-boost transformers. You can choose from various kVA ratings, voltage configurations and amperages.

Our buck-boost transformers provide maximum flexibility for businesses. Equipped with NEMA 3R ratings, you can install them in indoor or outdoor spaces. For compliance with sound level guidelines, the transformers adhere to NEMA ST-20 standards.

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