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Power distribution: Larson Electronics discusses requirements, benefits and options for custom power distribution.

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Power distribution: For fast-moving businesses, custom power distribution systems are key to flexible and scalable work sites. This is because power distribution requirements for industrial projects are very specific; and to cater to as many customers as possible, manufacturers offer stock models that can meet most power distribution needs on a very general level.

As a result, businesses are forced to work with stock power distribution systems that only meets some their project requirements. For needs that are beyond the capabilities of the stock unit, establishments are left to fork out more money on additional parts or equipment. Or in some cases, time is wasted at the job site working around the limitations of the power distribution station.

An effective solution to this issue is custom-built power distribution stations. Unlike stock variants, such systems specifically serve the particular needs of the business.

Advantages of Made-to-Order Power Distribution
Custom power distribution is a superior approach to addressing one’s current and future power distribution needs. This type of unit allows businesses to build out and include only the components they use on a regular basis. Other features are simply left out during the production phase, resulting in an extremely useful and compatible power distribution station.

Flexibility is another reason why custom-built power distribution panels have become an integral part of industrial operations. Features that provide businesses (usually in events and entertainment sectors) with more options for distributing power on the site are highly coveted by operators. An example of this is could be as simple as the addition of a lengthy, rugged power cord on the input side that would enable operators to use the system outdoors; or the addition of specific receptacles that allows direct use of the outlet without accessories.

As a time-saving unit, custom power distribution panels can reduce time spent on off-site deployment by up to 30 percent, according to Siemon, a company that specializes in large-scale data center solutions. This is because such units already come configured with the right parts and optimized specifically for the tasks of the project. Operators do not have to waste time addressing voltage compatibility issues or installing supporting accessories for equipment.

Examples of Custom Power Distribution Builds
Larson Electronics is a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting systems, portable power distribution stations and accessories. We have experience customizing power distribution units for businesses with unique project requirements.

Below are some examples of previous custom builds we have successfully completed for our customers:

• Application of specific NEMA-rated enclosures
• Single phase or three phase
• Various voltage inputs/outputs and amperage ratings
• Receptacle types and configurations
• Explosion proof designs for use in hazardous locations (flammable work sites)
• Cam-locks on inputs/outputs
• Mounting with steel legs (instead of a portable cart) for use on rugged, uneven terrain
• Addition/removal of eyelets or pockets on the frame for lifting
• Addition of multiple disconnects/panel types
• Heavy-duty cord types with compatible cord caps

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