Safety products: Household Electric Panel book with Panel Directory

Utility tools: Klein Tools expands the Wire Marker Book Product Line for ease while on-the-job.

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Safety products: Klein Tools introduces the Household Electric Panel book with Panel Directory to the 2017 collection of wire marker books. Klein’s line of wire marker books are easy to read and use with large print and lasting adhesion, perfect for all labeling needs.

Household Electric Panel Book with Panel Directory (Cat. No. 56255)
• Contains common labels such as Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.
• Large, easy-to-read print
• Includes all standard features of existing product line (Cat. Nos. 56250-56254)
• Two adhesive panel directories for up to 48 circuits each included
• Made in the USA

Wire Marker Books (Cat. Nos. 56250-56254)
• Standard features include:
o Larger, easy-to-read print
o Even and odd markers on separate pages make dressing each side of the panel easier
o Labels can be split for thin wire, increasing convenience on the job
o Each page is perforated into thirds so sections or entire pages can be easily detached
o Strong tack for lasting adhesion on oily wires
o Markers are a vinyl coated white cloth, 8 mils thick

• 5 different marker book configurations

“Klein Tools knows how important it is for tradespeople to be able to quickly and efficiently label wires making identification easier,” says Aaron Holcomb, product manager at Klein Tools. “These six wire marker books satisfy every labeling need with a variety of configurations, including different numbers, letters, colors and household panels. These markers use large, easy-to-read print and are made of durable vinyl coated cloth to make wire labeling on any job an easy task.”

About Klein Tools
Since 1857 Klein Tools, a family-owned and operated company, has been designing, developing and manufacturing premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools. The majority of Klein tools are manufactured in plants throughout the United States and are the No. 1 choice among professional electricians and other tradespeople.

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