Energy management: Automatic transfer switches and power control systems

Power management: Russelectric offers prime power systems for automatic operation of on-site power generators to serve a facility’s entire load.

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Energy management: Russelectric, a manufacturer of automatic transfer switches and power control systems, offers its Prime Power Systems, which are used for automatic operation of on-site power generators to serve a facility’s entire load. The Prime Power Systems are used as the primary source of power to a facility. Generator paralleling controls provide active synchronization and soft loading control of the engine generators based on load demand.

All Russelectric Prime Power systems are UL listed, offer programmable logic controller (PLC) system controls, and are supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)-capable.

In prime power applications, engine generators are run in response to the connected load. If load increases to a predetermined level, the Russelectric Prime Power System automatically starts additional generators, synchronizes them to the generator bus, and shares the load with the running generators. If load decreases to a predetermined level, excess generators are automatically removed from the bus and shut down, returning them to automatic standby status.

About Russelectric
Founded in 1955, Russelectric® provides high-integrity power control solutions for mission critical applications in the healthcare, information technology, telecommunication, water treatment, and renewable energy markets. The company maintains vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts and Oklahoma, where it designs and builds a full line of automatic transfer switches, switchgear, and controls. Russelectric products carry the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry and are backed by a team of expert factory-direct field service engineers.

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