Hawaiian Electric Co. chooses FreeWave wireless data solutions

Once the initial project is complete fault circuit indicators will be deployed across the entire island of Oahu

Hawaiian Electric Co. picked FreeWave Technologies, a manufacturer of critical data transmission technology, for a fault circuit indicator (FCI) project on the island of Oahu.

By installing fault circuit indicators throughout the island of Oahu, HECO can effectively mitigate power outages or issues along the power line by detecting fault data and transmitting it in real-time with FreeWave's wireless data radios. This will allow HECO to quickly restore power to residents.

The utility worked with FreeWave and its partner Power Delivery Products Inc., who provided the Smart Navigator FCI sensors, to install a network using FreeWave's FGR2-PE radios for long-range wireless communications.

Deployment kicked off in late 2012 and will continue throughout 2013. Once the initial project is complete FCIs will be deployed across the entire island of Oahu.

In addition to the FGR2-PE's reliable performance, project managers at HECO have cited excellent customer service and on-site support as key reasons for choosing FreeWave for the FCI project. FreeWave's system engineering team has been closely involved in HECO's network deployment by working with its partner, Power Delivery Products, to ensure optimum network performance.

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