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Work-ready Diamond Edition Truck Caps

For industrial-strength durability and tough good looks, A.R.E. Accessories introduces the Diamond Edition Deluxe Commercial Unit (DCU). The newest member of A.R.E.'s line of work-ready truck caps, the Diamond Edition DCU is constructed with durable 0.063 diamond-plated aluminum and a rugged, fully-welded aluminum frame for years of reliable service. All DCU doors feature automotive-quality BOLT lock cylinders in folding t-handles for added security, as well as Suspa gas props on all doors.

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Whether your work takes you to a construction site or an oil field, the Diamond Edition DCU can be outfitted to fit specific needs and make any job easier. A.R.E. offers more than 200 options, including a variety of door and window configurations, toolboxes, custom ladder racks, interior fabric liners, side panels and overall cap heights. In addition, A.R.E. can custom build a Diamond Edition DCU to exacting specifications, often in less than 14 days.

The Diamond Edition DCU comes with a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


Load Support Kits for 2009-2015 RAM 1500 Half-ton Pickup Trucks

Truck maintenance: Load support solutions from Air Lift Co. are available for the suspension system on 2009-2015 RAM 1500 half-ton pickup trucks. The LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE are air spring kits designed to improve ride quality, handling and safety when towing and hauling heavy loads.

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To provide additional support for the new five-link-coil rear suspension system of the two-wheel and four-wheel drive RAM 1500 models, Air Lift engineered two heavy-duty towing options featuring application-specific brackets and air springs. Air Lift adjustable air spring kits ensure weight is properly distributed to all four tires to maximize vehicle stability, safety and comfort. Working with the existing suspension, air springs improve braking and steering, eliminate squat and sway, and maintain ideal ride height.

For heavy-duty or frequent use, Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 kit (#57365) features durable, fully-adjustable air springs, which work with the existing suspension to provide up to 5,000 lbs. of leveling capacity.

Air Lift Co.

Bolt Padlocks Enhance Security of Blue Label Padlock Box

Safety products: Dee Zee Incorporated's maximum security Blue Label Padlock Box can be enhanced by using the one-key lock technology of STRATTEC Security Corporation's rugged BOLT Padlocks. Permanently programmed to the vehicle's ignition key, BOLT Padlocks simplify the workday and complement the toughness of this patented, professional-grade tool box. When an ignition key is inserted into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they are matched to that key. The first time the key is rotated, the cylinder is uniquely coded to that key. When the key is removed, the cylinder moves into the locked position. When the key is turned again, it rotates to the unlocked position.

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Dee Zee designed the Blue Label Padlock Box with a recessed padlock compartment to make it impossible to cut or break the padlock. BOLT Padlocks, crafted with automotive-quality materials, offer long-lasting, weatherproof protection for this tool box.

STRATTEC Security Corp.

Vehicle Docking Station for Panasonic Toughbook 54 Laptop computer

Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and long-time partner with Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America, announces a vehicle docking station for the Panasonic Toughbook 54 semi-rugged laptop computer.

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The Toughbook 54 vehicle dock leverages the expandability of the laptop and will accommodate the Toughbook 54 Performance model and all models with the following integrated options: Insertable SmartCard (bottom), 2nd LAN, 4th USB (2.0), Rugged Fischer USB, VGA and Serial. The dock provides an access area to the bottom Insertable SmartCard Reader; the user can insert and eject a smart card while the laptop is docked in the station. The dock is designed for the mobile worker; a spring-loaded docking connector ensures connectivity over the toughest terrain, and the push-button keyed latch enables the laptop to be easily docked and undocked while keeping it secure.

The Toughbook 54 dock features rear-facing l/O ports and an integrated cable strain relief system, making vehicle installation easy and convenient. The Toughbook 54 docking station is Gamber-Johnson's first laptop docking station featuring the international standard VESA 75 mounting pattern.


Work Truck Bed Organizer

Truck accessories: Highway Product's Pickup Pack—a custom-built work truck bed organizing system for pickup trucks—provides quick and easy access, lockup security and maximum storage space for tools and cargo in pickup beds. The pack includes two full-length lockable low side boxes, a flat or dome center hatch, a headache rack and a removable ladder rack.

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When closed, the hatch locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather resistant. The pack comes with a 4,000-lb. capacity Roller Coaster cargo tray that installs in the truck bed, sliding cargo out of the truck in seconds. Highway Products builds its products using rugged marine grade aluminum and offers a lifetime warranty. The products are made in the USA, and the company stands behind them 100 percent.

Highway Products

Air Compressor Offers 33 Percent More Air Output

Iowa Mold Tooling's (IMT's) hydraulic-driven IMT CAS80R rotary screw air compressor offers 33 percent more air output than the previous model—up to 80 cfm at 150 psi—at a similar price point. Increased hydraulic cooling capabilities and an easy-to-set air pressure output give operators a greater range of machine operation. The IMT CAS80R compressor enables operators to run at higher cfm levels while at the same truck rpms currently used.

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The continuous-duty IMT CAS80R compressor is a single-stage, pressure-lubricated unit. The rotary screw model provides high-volume air for use in pneumatic tools such as jacks, saws and impact wrenches; tire service; sandblasting; painting; carbon-arc cutting; and other compressed-air needs. The IMT CAS80R compressor features a hydraulic aftercooler that is integrated into the compressor design, minimizing weight and the physical footprint on top of the body sidepack.

IMT offers a variety of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors to meet customer needs. The reciprocating lineup ranges from 40 to 110 cfm, while the rotary screw offering ranges from 45 to 85 cfm.

Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT)

Rear Lot Trimmer— Auto-trailering Mode Improves Efficiency

Line maintenance: The Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer from Jarraff Industries improves trailering efficiency. An auto-trailering mode allows users to quickly adjust the front and rear wheels to the exact width needed for trailering. After the width specifications of the trailer are input into the control panel, a push button control automatically adjusts the Mini-Jarraff's wheel width to meet the exact trailer requirements. The Mini-Jarraff can then be loaded onto the trailer quickly and easily, and transported to the next job site.

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The remote controlled Mini-Jarraff offers a range of operation with 55 ft. of vertical reach, a 360-degree range of rotation, and uses a patent pending 180-degree rotating saw head capable of precise horizontal cutting and tree topping.

Jarraff Industries

LED StarBeam Vehicle Mounted Spotlight

Safety lighting: KH Industries, US manufacturer of the NightRay and StarBeam remote control spotlights, has introduced an LED StarBeam Spotlight featuring low amperage draw and a focused high output light pattern. The LED StarBeam features 10 light emitting diodes (LEDs) per head, with each head providing a low 4-amp power draw. The heads use the newest white LED technology, which provides a brighter, crisper and whiter light output that is closer to the color temperature of daylight. The LED heads are resistant to damage from shock and vibration, and feature an impact resistant polycarbonate lens, making them highly durable. The LED lamps are also sealed to reduce the harmful effects of moisture intrusion.

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All StarBeam spotlights feature:

  • Motor-controlled dual lamp heads rotate 330 degrees (±10 degrees) on horizontal and vertical axis to provide precise placement of light output;
  • Available wireless, hard wired or dual controlled;
  • Weather-resistant control housing provides safe, dependable operation in the most demanding environments; and
  • Made in the USA.

KH Industries

Rental-ready Backhoe Loader Offers Low Cost, High Performance

Configured to meet the rental market's need for a low acquisition cost, high-performance backhoe, the competitively priced Terex TLB840R backhoe loader is designed to give rental business owners a more immediate return on investment without sacrificing performance or quality. The TLB840R backhoe loader is equipped with a 74-hp, Tier 4 final 4-cyclinder Deutz electronic fuel injection diesel engine, a 4-speed synchro shuttle transmission, and a robust hydraulic system to excel at digging, reaching, lifting and loading tasks. The engine, transmission and hydraulic systems are designed for easy maintenance by rental company technicians and mechanics.

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With a 9,441-lbf bucket breakout force, a loader lift capacity of 7,291 lbf, and bucket capacity of 1.0 yd3, this Terex backhoe loader offers high-capacity production for any project a customer needs a backhoe for. The backhoe gives operators unrestricted visibility to the bucket edge, which is helpful in grading applications. The curved boom design and up to 13-ft. 5-in. loading height (with an extendable stick) of the TLB840R backhoe loader offers operators clearance to reach up and over obstacles, as well as and the ability to load closer into trucks for greater productivity.


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