Information Access Helps Mobilize and Improve Productivity for the Utility Workforce

Information access for the mobile utility workforce enhances customer service and productivity.

May 1st, 2013

Information access for the mobile utility workforce enhances customer service and productivity. Mobile devices can help your workforce access key information, which lowers costs and streamlines operations. This issue of Utility Products brings you several great feature articles that present ways for your workforce to mobilize and improve your bottom line.

In "Mobilizing the Workforce With the iPad" by Karl Rajotte, how technology innovations are helping employees communicate more efficiently and effectively are discussed. Breaking down traditional work barriers and improving workflow between the office and field will help utility companies increase stability, profitability and growth. Rajotte outlines how always-on devices, such as the iPad, can take mobile workforce productivity and effectiveness to a new level.

MSI Data's article, "Field Service Solutions Help Improve Information Access for Mobile Workforces," addresses how, as utilities strive to optimize their operation, field service software will provide your technicians with the ability to perform more effectively in the field-making your organization more efficient and increasing revenue. Software systems increase mobility, which improves customer satisfaction. And, as the article points out, customer satisfaction is important; a utility's ability to communicate with its field workforce and deliver on-time service can be a major factor in retaining a customer's business.

In contributing editor Paul Hull's article, "Always in Touch," how having and using the right equipment enhances mobile workforce teamwork is presented. There have been many advances in communications, but it is important to know which improvements are useful for you. There are communications tools that will help you-and some with unnecessary features that can be costly. Hull also discusses the importance of customer service-which affects your bottom line.

Don't miss the "Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference 2013 Preview." The 60th Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) will be held June 2-5, 2013, in Williamsburg, Va. This year's EUFMC outdoor exhibit will feature more than 60 displays. And, the showcase has been expanded with indoor displays to meet the need for larger equipment and growing interest in the conference by leading suppliers of vehicles and equipment for the electric utility industry. More than 250 representatives from over 95 manufacturers and service providers will be in attendance. In addition to a variety of conference activities, there will be events for the entire family.

Our May issue also brings you informative product focus articles. Learn more about how corrosion resistant coatings can help utilities extend equipment life and reduce costs, global positioning system tracking can guarantee efficient fleets, safety practices can reduce the risk of an accident or death, remote meter reading can provide efficiency and proactive management tools, properly testing microprocessor relays is vital, and how tablets are used as a facility management tool.

John Tabor
Associate Editor

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