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Dual Pressure/Dual Flow Air Compressor Lineup Expanded

Utility equipment: Doosan Portable Power has expanded its lineup of dual pressure and dual flow air compressors with the introduction of the Tier 4 Final-compliant P425/HP375 and HP450/VHP400 air compressors. Operating at either 425 cfm at 100 psi or 375 cfm at 150 psi, the P425/HP375 delivers the pressure and flow options typical of two units in a single air compressor. The variable settings are suited to a wide range of applications, including general construction, abrasive blasting and structural steel spray painting.


Doosan Portable Power

GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp Optimizes Beam Pattern

Golight Inc., a provider of pan and tilt remote-controlled lighting technology, offers the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp. The bezel of the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp features six air induction ports that enhance its thermal management capabilities and promote product longevity.


The lamp’s optics have been engineered for the environment unique to off-road driving. The plano-convex (P-Vex) lens optimally controls the substantial light generated by the lamp’s seven high-output LEDs, creating an intense 130,000-candela beam with a 12-degree angle that provides ample peripheral illumination, while preserving center beam intensity. The tough polycarbonate lens is protected by an integrated brush guard grill with four cross members.

Golight Inc.

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