Editor's Letter: Check out This Issue's Readers' Choice Awards and More

In this issue, our 17th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards feature a collection of articles and product spotlights from 2015 that received the most response.

In this issue, our 17th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards feature a collection of articles and product spotlights from 2015 that received the most response. Utility Products magazine makes every effort to provide you with the latest and most applicable utility-industry articles and information, and if there are any articles you missed last year, here is your chance to check out information to help make your job safer and more productive.

“Countrywide Cooperation: Utilities Across North America Work Together to Keep Service at its Best,” by Paul Hull, discusses how there probably is no single utility that can cope with catastrophes such as hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes and man-made attacks. Hull reviews how utilities work together to restore power-with the top priority going to those that can help the most people.

Milwaukee Tool’s article, “Lithium-ion Creates Opportunities for a Safer, More Productive Jobsite for Lineman,” addresses the benefits of using cordless tools when working at heights. Linemen are familiar with challenges on the jobsite, and cordless tools help reduce power fluctuations and possible hazards associated with cords.

“Engineered Pulling and Tensioning Equipment for Every Cable Size, Application, Environment,” by TSE International, presents the importance of having the correct tensioning equipment for the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution lines to help ensure projects go as planned. Among the company’s complete range of tension stringing equipment is the Model DPT 40E. For overhead jobs, DPT 40E all-electric puller tensioner is used to install overhead distribution conductors in conjunction with the Polemaster pilot rope system; for installing underground cables, it uses an optional pulling reel and levelwind.

Outages caused by wildlife such as birds, snakes, raccoons and squirrels have always been a problem for the electrical grid. In “Utility Realizes Wildlife Outages can be Prevented,” Cantega Technologies’ precise-fit cover-up, Greenjacket, is discussed and how it can provide a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. With the widest array of cover ups available, the company’s project teams can develop a solution to prevent bird and animal caused outages from occurring.

And “Fifty Years to Reliable Pole Restoration,” by Nelson Bingel and Chad Newton, outlines how wood pole restoration systems have restored more than 1 million poles nationwide-representing more than $2 billion in savings when compared to pole replacement costs. The evolution of Osmose’s C-Truss and C2-Truss are presented and how this long-term solution can provide additional years of service comparable to the expected life of a new pole.

Mark Scott’s article, “Top Five Mobility Tips to Help Reach Target Zero,” discusses how mobile forms can improve field worker safety and track compliance. Safety incidents can stall productivity, Scott reports, and mobile forms offer a solution to address safety compliance enforcement and reporting.

This issue’s product focus section also brings you a great lineup of articles. Del Williams article for Vanway International, “Telecom Access Roads: The Key to Protecting Assets,” outlines how those who require cost effective, unpaved road repair or construction at remote sites are reducing costs and project timelines by more than 50 percent with linear crushers.

“Cyber Threats: Three Ways Utilities Can Deal,” by GE’s Dana Pasquali, discusses how, as infrastructure ages and industrial control systems become more integrated and connected, cybersecurity has become a critical part of power grid operations.

Two other informative articles you won’t want to miss in this issue are Atlas Copco’s “Avoiding Tier Pressure: Hydraulic Handheld Tools Give Rental Centers and Municipalities a Break From Tier Changes,” and Iowa Mold Tooling’s “Shorten Outages With a Mechanics Truck: An Efficiently Designed Truck Body Helps Empire District Electric Co. Minimize Costly Machine Downtime.”

John Tabor

Associate Editor


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