Fleet maintenance: Diagnostic alerts and reports help control maintenance costs

Vehicle maintenance: Proactive maintenance helps you control repair costs and reduce unexpected breakdowns. Learn more in a short eBrief that highlights six steps to more efficient fleet maintenance with Verizon Networkfleet.

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Fleet management: Proactive maintenance helps keep your fleet on the road where your drivers can keep your projects moving. Networkfleet provides the data you need to improve preventive maintenance scheduling and increase vehicle uptime, which can lead to fewer headaches for you and reduced maintenance costs for your government department or agency.

Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns and Help Control Repair Costs
Are your drivers telling you the moment a check engine light comes on? Networkfleet keeps you informed of mechanical issues by sending an alert when an onboard diagnostic code is triggered, helping reduce unexpected breakdowns. Early detection can also reduce or avoid excessive repair costs.

Spend Less Time Keeping Up With Maintenance
Many government departments or agencies schedule fleet maintenance based on odometer readings or the calendar. With Networkfleet, maintenance schedules and alerts are automated. When you have automated alerts, you schedule maintenance based upon need.

Learn more in a short eBrief that highlights six steps to more efficient fleet maintenance.

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