Brazil electricity use to increase threefold by 2050

Brazil consumed 513 terawatt hours in 2013

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Brazilian electricity consumption will rise more than threefold to 1.62 terawatt hours by 2050, according to a new report by federal energy planning company EPE.

The increase will lift per-capita demand to 7 MWh/y, on a par with current European energy use, according to EPE.

An estimated 92 percent of overall consumption will be supplied by the national grid, with a further 124 GWh expected to come from independent generators.

Sao Paulo Brazil

Brazil consumed 513 TWh in 2013, according to the document.

EPE president Maurício Tolmasquim said solar power plants would provide electricity for up to 15 million households, representing 13 percent of total demand.

"In addition, the heating of water via solar power will probably be a reality for 20 percent of Brazilian homes," Tolmasquim said.

EPE also forecasted that half of the country's light vehicles would have flex-fuel engines, meaning they will be able to run on either gasoline, ethanol or electric power.

Tolmasquim said the rise in energy consumption would be lower than GDP growth, due to new efficiency measures planned for consumers and generators.

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