Work lights: LED lights better illuminate components under trucks

Safety products: Rotary Lift’s LED lights better illuminate components under trucks and buses. Energy-saving Tech Lights for heavy-duty runway lifts feature unobtrusive design.

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Work lights:When raised onvehicle lifts, trucks and buses can block overhead shop lights and force heavy-duty technicians to use other means to illuminate the work area. Traditional solutions – including incandescent flashlights, stand-mounted fluorescent lights and suspended work lights – are bulky and can obstruct access to vehicle components. They are also inefficient and can be too hot to touch after prolonged use.

Rotary Lift’s new LED runway light kit for heavy-duty vehicle lifts addresses all of these issues. The Line Light 4 kit includes four long LED light wands that unobtrusively attach to the lift itself, freeing up the technician’s hands. The Line Light 4 kit uses more than 600 LEDs producing more than 4,000 total lumens — the equivalent of about four 75-watt incandescent bulbs — and yet the lights remain cool to the touch even after hours of use.

“It can be difficult to get enough light under long, wide vehicles in heavy-duty service facilities,” says Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product manager. “Rotary Lift’s new Line Light 4 LED kit was designed specifically for this setting. Its unobtrusive design allows for the free movement of technicians and their tools, and its rugged housing is built for harsh shop environments. Plus, LEDs use little energy, so facility managers don’t have to worry about big power bills from technicians leaving the lift lights on all day.”

The Line Light 4 kit (P/N FA5700) works with Rotary Lift’s HDC Series, parallelogram, SM30 and AR18 heavy-duty lifts, and can be retrofitted to most runway-style lifts. The kit’s four LED wands range from 50.5 to 56 inches long and can be connected in series to enable all lights to be controlled by a single switch.

Each Line Light 4 light wand is held in place by magnetic clips, which allow the wand to be repositioned along the lift’s runways as needed. The magnetic clips also enable each wand to be rotated along its horizontal axis to shed light on the floor, tool cart or vehicle underside. The magnetic clip setup, along with the Line Light 4 kit’s minimal wiring, ensures runway jacks can be rolled along the lift’s entire length without encountering any obstructions.

The Line Light 4 kit is part of Rotary Lift’s Tech Light™ line, which also includes the Line Light 2 kit for two-post lifts (P/N FA5701) and the Line Light R handheld lamp (P/N FA5702). To learn more about these work lights, and to watch a video of them in action, visit or call 800-640-5438. For more videos, visit You can also find Rotary Lift on Facebook, and Twitter,

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