Fleet maintenance: Wireless mobile column lifts feature precision ball-screw lifting technology

Vehicle lifts: MAHA USA’s lighter, stronger MCL Series lifts accommodate the widest array of tire geometries on mid-range and heavy-duty vehicles, while bringing wireless mobile convenience and enhanced safety to shop floors.

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Pinckard, AL -- Lift inspections: MAHA USA officially introduced its new and redesigned MCL family of ball-screw-powered mobile column lifts. The wireless lifts are cited to be the first of their kind in the industry, standing in stark contrast as the only non-hydraulic wireless mobile column lifts in the industry. The new lifts also exponentially expand the variety of tire profiles and vehicles that can now be served by wireless mobile lifts.

The MCL 12 and MCL 15 lifts are completely new products, while the MCL 16 and MCL 18 have been significantly redesigned. The architecture of MAHA’s new mobile column lifts are engineered to accelerate the velocity of maintenance activities by providing a flexible vehicle lifting system that creates a more open, productive and accessible work space.

“Our new MCL wireless mobile column lift series boosts productivity through superiority ergonomics and by expanding application flexibility,” says Juergen Werner, vice president of sales and marketing. “Not only can you lift a wider variety of vehicles with our new lifts, but once the vehicles are elevated, they enable service techs to operate virtually unencumbered.”

All base frames for the MCL wireless ball-screw lifts have been redesigned, and each base frame now features a lower profile and longer leg structure that increases the columns’ stability, allowing them to engage low clearance vehicles, such as city buses, much more effectively.

The main support column of each lift is formed from a solid, one-piece, hot-rolled I-beam, giving it superior rigidity and stability, while reducing load and stress on interior structural welds.

MAHA wireless ball-screw column lifts are up to 30 percent lighter than wireless hydraulic column lifts that require heavy hydraulic fluid, cylinders, hoses, valves and pumps. Unlike hydraulic lifting equipment, precision-engineered ball-screw lifting mechanisms lift at a constant speed, are 90 percent efficient, are impervious to cold weather and are environmentally friendly.

“Our lifts employ a unique and highly efficient re-circulating ball and screw lifting mechanism ­ the premiere technology for mobile lifting applications and superior to any hydraulically operated lift,” Werner said. “MAHA lifts also have redundant automatic locking systems that virtually eliminate a variety of hazards associated with hydraulic lifts.”

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