Fleet management: Mobile workforce management software from Clevest

Vehicle management software: Clevest MWFM 5.0 mobile workforce management software offers utilities an enriched user experience and enhanced safety for workers in the field.

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Safety products: Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of mobile workforce automation software including smart grid operations exclusively for the utility industry, announced the availability of its next-generation mobile workforce management software solution (MWFM). This release sets a new user experience standard for utility operations personnel in both the office and the field that helps drive greater efficiency and enhanced safety for mobile workers performing virtually any type of work.

Clevest MWFM 5.0 advances the user experience of workforce management software to a new level through its innovative, office-oriented WorkSpace application and its touch-compatible, mobile worker-oriented WorkBook application. These applications dramatically augment the connection between the field and the office enabling utilities to improve service response times and promote overall grid resilience. This release provides an HTML5 browser-based interface to better manage work and mobile workers against a map-based view of their vehicles and asset infrastructure. It also incorporates new safety timers for an even more comprehensive offering that answers critical industry requirements to provide enhanced safety for utility workers and the public.

“Clevest MWFM 5.0 is the culmination of a strategic effort to logically reshape the user experience of an incredibly feature-rich, enterprise-scale, mobile smart grid system built for an inherently complex industry that’s undergoing massive change,” explained Peter Millar, VP Product Marketing, Clevest. Millar elaborated, “With field operations alone, the volume of real-time and historical information the system needs to be able to convey daily and immediately between heavy users in the field and office and between other enterprise applications is staggering. Add in the safety imperative and this already complex equation gets even more intricate. This makes the interface design for Clevest MWFM crucial to a positive user experience that, simply put, helps people do higher value work at more productive levels.”

Rob Will, Creative Director, Clevest, emphasized, “WorkSpace and WorkBook are driven by the most modern standards in interface design. They’re highly usable and intuitive, visually appealing and engaging, and enhance the user experience. Content is clearly presented and tightly integrated, which empowers utility teams in the office and in the field to work more intelligently--not only to deliver consistently higher levels of customer service but also to execute both routine and emergency work at consistently higher standards of safety.”

About WorkSpace
WorkSpace provides dispatchers and supervisors with comprehensive tools for wirelessly managing a utility¹s work and mobile workers against an integrated, map-based view of its vehicles and asset infrastructure. To enhance overall safety, utilities can use new dashboards on key performance indicators and real-time alerts on safety timers, lone worker emergencies, geofences, AccuWeather conditions and general exception conditions, all of which are also available to utilities when they are using Clevest mobile solutions to support mutual aid programs.

About WorkBook
WorkBook lets mobile workers wirelessly receive orders and send completion data, including photos or other attachments, back to WorkSpace and other enterprise systems. The interface is now touch-compatible and adjusts to various form factors including handhelds, tablets, laptops and smartphones. New redlining tools let mobile workers markup maps electronically and share changes with other crews and the office, which simplifies the process of keeping GIS information current. WorkBook also integrates new mobile viewers from Esri and Partner Software for easy access to map-based information on orders, driving directions and GIS asset overlays.

Clevest’s WorkSpace and WorkBook applications have generated significant interest across its 125-member customer base as well as in the utility industry at large. A number of clients have embraced the new release with enthusiasm through several upgrades and new implementations. For more information download the product sheet.

About Clevest
Clevest provides software for mobile workforce automation and smart grid operations exclusively for electric, gas and water utilities. Over 125 utilities worldwide have chosen Clevest to transform their field operations by harnessing the power of our software and deep domain knowledge of mobile computing and utility operations. Clevest’s award-winning platform powers a product suite that includes mobile workforce management, real-time automated vehicle location, meter reading solutions and a patent-pending configuration tool, as well as the only complete solution for smart grid deployment operations and maintenance activities.

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