Fleet maintenance: Biodegradable, nonhazardous hydraulic fluid from RSC Bio Solutions

Safety products: EnviroLogic readily biodegradable fluid offers waste industry new solution to old problem.

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New Orleans—Vehicle maintenance: RSC Bio Solutions and Waste Pro USA Inc. jointly announced at WasteExpo 2013 that RSC Bio Solutions is now supplying its nonhazardous, readily biodegradable EnviroLogic® 3000 series hydraulic fluid to Waste Pro’s fleet of waste collection vehicles.

“The waste industry has long been looking for effective ways to minimize and manage hydraulic fluid spills in the event of leaks or line failures, and EnviroLogic readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid answers that call,” said Mike Guggenheimer, president for RSC Bio Solutions. “Our advanced biodegradable products on display here at WasteExpo demonstrate the technology we use to deliver increased safety and risk reduction to the waste industry and communities they serve. We’re thrilled to partner with Waste Pro to bolster their industry leadership in sustainable, environmentally conscious operations through implementing the use of our biodegradable, proven hydraulic fluid.”

“RSC Bio Solutions products fit with our philosophy at Waste Pro to serve our communities in a responsible way in every aspect of our operation, and that’s the main reason we switch to the EnviroLogic products,” said Bob Nicholas, corporate fleet director for Waste Pro USA, Inc. “When spills occur, mitigation and clean-up is less troublesome for our environment and our communities due to the readily biodegradable aspect of EnviroLogic fluids. Based on the data we’ve collected so far, we are seeing cost savings especially in remediation, but also through the fluids’ longer oil life that decreases our maintenance costs.”

“We offer our customers, including Waste Pro, oil sampling and analysis services to monitor oil properties monthly, and all parameters are indicative of longer fluid life,” said Guggenheimer. “We’re helping fleets like Waste Pro market benefits of using our products with decals on their trucks to help inform the community about these environmentally conscious initiatives.”

The extended life of the fluids provides an additional productivity boost to service personnel not having to change fluids so frequently, and when fluid changes are needed, EnviroLogic fluids are less costly to dispose of than petroleum-based alternatives. In total, between the life cycle costs of the new fluids, the increased productivity and the spill remediation savings, Waste Pro anticipates a savings of approximately 50 percent by making the switch to EnviroLogic fluids from when compared to petroleum-derived hydraulic fluids.

“In the end, working with RSC Bio Solutions is a no-brainer for Waste Pro,” said Nicholas. “EnviroLogic fluids are better for the environment, better for our communities and better for our bottom line.”

Uniquely suited for solid waste collection vehicles, the EnviroLogic 3000 series is a high-performance line of readily biodegradable, nonhazardous hydraulic fluids. These products can perform in extremely high temperature (250ºF), low temperature (-40ºF) and high pressure (5000+ psi) applications. Formulated from readily biodegradable low-toxicity base stocks that afford exceptional oxidation and thermal properties, the EnviroLogic 3000 series of products are ideal for mobile hydraulic systems operating in environmentally sensitive areas, like public streets and municipal areas.

The fluids exhibit enhanced wear protection, cleanliness and longer life than conventional petroleum hydraulic oils, as they meet ISO and SAE grade specifications. EnviroLogic 3000 series products are direct replacements for a broad range of ISO / SAE grades of petroleum oil-based hydraulic fluids, and reduce environmental impact in the event of a leak or spill.

About Waste Pro USA, Inc.
Waste Pro is one of this country’s fastest growing privately owned solid waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal companies, operating in eight southeastern states. Serving more than 1.8 million customers from more than 70 operating locations, Waste Pro USA is headquartered in Longwood, Fla., and maintains more than 150 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.

About RSC Bio Solutions, LLC
Established in 2010 and headquartered in North Carolina, RSC Bio Solutions is an affiliate of Radiator Specialty Company (RSC) focused on providing high performance chemistries that are safe, non-hazardous and environmentally responsible. To expand its offerings further, RSC Bio Solutions’ parent company, Blumenthal Holdings, recently acquired a controlling interest in partner Terresolve Technologies and its EnviroLogic® product lines, including readily biodegradable functional fluids and gear oils that are tested and proven in some of the toughest environments possible. For more information, visit

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