Rugged flat panel for use in bright environments

iKey introduces a new high-bright line of robust panel-mount displays for optimal viewing in direct and indirect sunlight.

Austin, Texas—iKey, an input devices company has introduced a new high-bright line of robust panel-mount displays manufactured for optimal viewing in direct and indirect sunlight.

“Outdoor HMI applications require displays that are designed for both bright and ambient light conditions,” Kacee Pals, iKey inside sales manager, said. “The new line of high-bright displays has up to 1700 nits of adjustable brightness, making them readable in virtually any lighting condition.”

iKey’s brightest line to date includes the 15.1-inch FP15-PM-HB-1700 with 1700 nits and the 17.1-inch FP17-PM-HB-1000 with 1000 nits. Both are available with optional touchscreen (FP15-PMT-HB-1700 and FP17-PMT-HB-1000). These high-bright displays are designed for exceptional performance in highly illuminated environments in outdoor applications.

Each of iKey’s panel-mounted displays is built into a rugged aluminum alloy bezel and meets NEMA 4X specifications, making it fully protected against, dirt, debris, liquids and corrosives.

In addition, the high-bright line’s LEDs have an extended 70,000-hour backlight life. The LEDs also make the displays energy efficient and operate at a relatively low temperature.

“A key benefit of this new line is its minimal heat output,” Pals said. “With many of iKey’s customers working in size-constrained workstations, these products will safely function in tight conditions without overheating.”

The 15-inch display has an operating and storage temperature range of -35C to +85C, while the 17-inch display has an operating temperature range of 0C to +50C and a storage temperature range of -20C to +60C. These rugged displays are framed in mounting studs for seamless panel-mount integration into existing systems.

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