Field computer certified for use with portable printers

LXE Marathon field computer certified for use with Datamax-O’Neil portable printers.


Norcross, Ga.—EMS Global Resource Management, a division of mobile connectivity leader EMS Technologies Inc., has announced that Datamax O’Neil, a provider of receipt and label printing solutions, has tested and certified the LXE Marathon field computer for use in the field with Datamax-O’Neil’s extensive line of rugged portable printers. To bring this new solution to a wider array of enterprises in both supply chain logistics and field force automation—including utilities/telco/cable, warehousing, manufacturing and public safety—LXE and Datamax-O’Neil have also agreed to an Independent Hardware Vendor partnership.

A worker loses time and efficiency every time he walks back to the truck or the retail counter to complete a task,” said Bill Roeder, vice president and deputy general manager, EMS Global Resource Management. “That seemingly small increment of time becomes substantial when multiplied throughout a day and across an entire workforce. By delivering laptop computing power and functionality in a rugged ergonomic form factor, the Marathon field computer gives a worker the ability to complete more tasks at the point of service. Our partnership with Datamax-O’Neil makes that value proposition even stronger, as workers can reliably print receipts, labels and other critical documentation.”

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