Software prevents distracted driving

ZoomSafer’s FleetSafer Vision helps fleet operators manage use of mobile phones while driving.

Reston, Va., January 13, 2011—ZoomSafer, a provider of enterprise software to prevent distracted driving, has unveiled a new and patent-pending software service that helps corporate fleet operators and risk managers measure and manage employee use of mobile phones while driving, regardless of the type of phone used by employees.

FleetSafer Vision is cited to be the world’s first driver behavior modification solution to support any type of phone (not just smartphones) and to require no on-device software. A cloud-based software service, FleetSafer Vision integrates vehicular telematics data (trip information, location, speed, etc.) with mobile device usage data (phone calls, text messages, etc.) and other information (email logs, weather, traffic, etc.) so fleet operators can measure and remediate risky behavior and reinforce good behavior.

Distracted driving is the leading cause of on-the-job crashes, and presents a serious liability for fleet operators, said Clem Driscoll, CEO of C.J. Driscoll and Associates, a research and consulting firm focused on fleet management. ZoomSafers’ newest product represents a potentially valuable way for fleet operators to leverage existing investments in telematics to further reduce risk and liability and improve driver safety.

Our existing product proactively prevents people from texting or emailing while driving, but it only works for smartphones, while FleetSafer Vision works for any phone, said Matt Howard, CEO of ZoomSafer. This innovative service was developed in direct response to feedback from telematics-equipped fleet operators who need to measure and manage this behavior regardless of phone type.

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