Low emission gas reciprocating generator

Aggreko introduces economical 334 kW natural gas reciprocating generator; offers cost savings of 40-50 percent compared to diesel units.

Houston—Aggreko, a rental power, temperature control and oil-free compressed air solutions company, has introduced a 334 kW natural gas generator into its fleet, adding a new option for companies needing quick and effective short-term power generation between 150 kW and 500 kW. Aggreko’s low-emission natural gas reciprocating generator fleet, which ranges from 65 kW to 1300 kW (1625 kVA), has been shown to offer cost savings of 40-45 percent compared to diesel units, primarily due to fuel savings.

The Aggreko 334 kW model boasts enhanced operational benefits for cold weather applications, including insulated snow doors and the “black start” capability—where an auxiliary power supply is not needed in freezing conditions, thanks to on-board diesel-fired block heaters. Designed for a single container, this model is packaged for rapid mobile deployment and does not require a generator ancillary module. Full aluminum closure allows for easy transportation and flexible installation in a matter of days, or even hours.

Similar to the 1300 kW model announced in May 2011, the 334 kW unit features a Cummins gas engine, the latest in emissions-control engine technology within the temporary utility market. The units offer sound reduction for extremely quiet operation, smokeless output and a save-all containment base that reduces the risk of fluid leakage. The EPA-compliant units deliver proven and time-tested “lean-burn” gas technology and meet the most demanding U.S. federal and state emissions guidelines. The six-cylinder gas engine features turbo-charging and after-cooling, ensuring efficient performance. Units can also be scaled up or down, according to customer requirements.

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