Geographic information system visualization streamlines analysis

Visual Fusion’s geographic information system (GIS) visualization helps Canadian utility manage a vital part of its infrastructure.

Lansing, Mich.—A geographic information system (GIS) visualization that helps a Canadian utility manage a vital part of its infrastructure is featured in a new case study from IDV Solutions, maker of Visual Fusion data visualization software.

Using mainly out-of-the box features, in less than eight weeks Newfoundland Power was able to deploy a Visual Fusion solution to visualize the locations of more than 300,000 utility poles. The new solution spreads the benefits of data visualization and GIS technology across the company. This makes it easier to send field crews to precise locations and gives the electric utility a powerful tool for reviewing the ownership and management of the poles, which it shares with local telecom and cable companies.

“Many of the end users at this company are not GIS experts,” said Corey Tucker, Senior GIS Consultant with Tamarack Geographic Technologies, Ltd., a consulting company that developed the solution with NL Power. “They’re familiar with consumer services like Google maps and Bing maps. The Visual Fusion application provides the possibility of an easy-to-use tool for everyone across the enterprise.”

The solution leverages Visual Fusion’s strength in connecting data sources in a geographic, visual context. Through an interactive map interface, users can see the exact location of each pole, its age, condition, ownership and more. They can perform interactive spatial queries by drawing on the map and filter the data multiple ways within the map interface. The solution allowed the utility to meet its deadline for quality checking the results of a massive survey of the poles.

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