Bucket truck parts guide

PCC releases bucket truck parts guide in updated 2011 catalog.

Fort Wayne, Ind.—Finding the correct replacement fiberglass part for bucket trucks just became a lot easier. Included in PCC’s updated 2011 catalog are simplified exploded-view fiberglass parts guides diagramming many popular bucket trucks. Each part guides calls out OEM part number and PCC replacement part number for a particular model of truck with computer-generated line drawings of each fiberglass part.

“Now, the buyer can see what each part looks like, and compare it to the part that needs replaced,” said Warren Eddy, insides sales manager at PCC. “The fiberglass parts are so much more durable than many of the original parts, and they are made right here in Indiana, ready to ship.”

Five new product groups are available for utility lineworkers and the arborists:
• The large “D” bucket replacement for the Altec Reachall Hi-Line buckets;
• 50 and 70 kV liners made with a superior plastic, giving them about double the field life of other liners;
• “Bullet-proof armor” for the rims of buckets using aramid fibers to lessen damage caused by chain saws;
• Compact and durable impact wrench holders; and
• Heavy-duty, light-weight outrigger pads to support trucks and limit damage to surfaces from outriggers.

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