Kevlar Pole Guards Protect Poles From Impact

Composite Technologies offers cost-effective way to protect poles from impacts.

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Composite Technologies offers a cost-effective way to protect poles from impacts that, after time, would cause changeouts. The Kevlar Pole Guards (KPGs) have a wide range of uses. The KPGs protect poles that are too close to busy street corners where trucks and trailers impact poles while making turns. Parking lots and loading zones are other locations for KPG use.

KPG's standard lengths are 48 inches long–longer ones can be ordered for special applications. The pole guards are designed to bolt through the pole with three button-head bolts, which are included in the kit. KPGs can be changed out using the same hole pattern, if ever needed.

Composite Technologies also offers Kevlar Pole Splints (KPS) that will quickly repair broken poles and hold them together until changeout. The company offers many other products.

Composite Technologies

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