Clutch pump kits for most current model trucks

DewEze high-pressure pumps offer power with no restrictions.

Harper, Ks.—DewEze has introduced a full line of high-pressure clutch pump kits for most current model trucks. These kits allow you to operate knuckle boom cranes and hooklifts without the restrictions of a PTO.

You will be able to operate these products in a broad engine RPM range and have the mobility you need to get your job done. Flows available from 3 1/2 gallons at idle to 7 1/2 gallons at 1000 engine RPM. Pressure range is from 4,000 psi continuous to 4,500 psi intermittent. This is a solid cast iron pump that has been tested in severe industrial applications.

DewEze has 30 years of experience in the clutch pump kit industry.

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