Asset tracker for track and trace applications

Morey’s TRAX MT-10 Asset Tracker is newest addition to track-and-trace telematics.

Chicago—Morey has announced a new product providing the latest in ruggedized track-and-trace telematics, the Rugged TRAX MT-10 Asset Tracker. The battery powered Rugged TRAX MT-10 is recommended for track and trace applications where no consistent power source is available, such as rental equipment, 18-wheel truck trailers and ocean transportation.

The Rugged TRAX MT-10 employs the latest wireless communication and GPS technology to access the location data of your assets and delivers critical data that helps companies:
- Save money reducing labor, maintenance and insurance costs, and total number of assets via better utilization;
- Gain real-time inventory visibility with 24/7 access and immediate site check, eliminating wasted search time;
- Increase customer service—Ensures cargo care and safety, as well as increases customer response time; and
- Improve asset management—determines and increases equipment utilization through accessible utilization history and deters theft through asset alerts.

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