USB connector is 10 times faster than previous version

Hirose's new USB 3.0 connector enables maximum data transmission speed.


Simi Valley, Calif.—Hirose, a connector solutions company, has developed a USB 3.0 connector that significantly increases data transmission speeds from those of a USB 2.0 connector.

Designated the ZX360 Series, these B-type connectors allow transmissions up to 5Gb/s, almost 10 times faster than USB 2.0 connectors. The higher speed enables seamless, uncompressed transmission of high-speed data such as high definition (HD) moving pictures, and is ideal for notebook computers, portable audio, cell phones, smart phones, cameras and mass storage devices.

"The need for high-speed transmission is rising. While transmission data is increasing, there is still a lag in the time it takes to transmit data between devices and networks," said Rick van Weezel, vice-president of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA. "The new USB 3.0 standard makes transmission significantly faster, reducing the time to download an HD movie from more than nine hours with USB 1.0 and 13.9 minutes with USB 2.0 to 70 seconds with USB 3.0. We've incorporated this growing standard into a highly developed I/F connector that reflects our abundant design experience and technology capabilities."

The ZX360 provides backward compatibility with a 2.0 plug, allowing a Micro 2.0 receptacle and cable to plug into the side of the ZX360 receptacle. (Data will not transfer at the 3.0 rate but at the lower 2.0 rate.)

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