Natural rubber tarp straps for vehicles

Ancra’s American-made SILVERLINE Elite EPDM and SILVERLINE natural rubber tarp straps to offer competitive pricing.

Erlanger, Ky.—Ancra International has introduced the SILVERLINE Elite EPDM Tarp Strap. The strap provides Ancra customers with a high-quality, American-made EPDM tarp strap that can be purchased at a competitive price.

Until now, the SILVERLINE Brand Tarp Strap has been positioned as a Chinese-made natural rubber product and has been most popular among those operating vehicles in colder climates. Ancra announced that both the new SILVERLINE Elite EPDM Tarp Strap and the original SILVERLINE Natural Rubber Tarp Strap will be exclusively manufactured in the United States and both will be available starting July 1, 2011.

Ancra currently offers the ultra-premium, EPDM-based GOLDLINE Tarp Strap, and the company emphasized that the GOLDLINE product has been manufactured in the U.S. since its introduction over 40 years ago.

“Ancra will now have a U.S.-made tarp strap to serve virtually any application environment,” said Jim Calico, vice president of business development for Ancra. “No other tarp strap product offering is this comprehensive, and no other line of tarp straps is engineered with this level of precision and single-source quality.”

Like the SILVERLINE Elite EPDM Tarp Strap, the GOLDLINE Tarp Strap is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, a material capable of delivering exceptional strength, durability and resistance to everyday environmental road conditions, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ozone.

Because of its robustness and its capacity to maintain its elastomeric properties in high-temperature environments, the ultra-premium-quality GOLDLINE Tarp Strap is cited to be a mainstay among vehicles operating in moderate and warm climates. EPDM-based tarp straps have proven to last five to 20 times longer than natural rubber tarp straps, and the lower profile SILVERLINE Elite EPDM Tarp Strap is exceptionally resilient as well.

The SILVERLINE Tarp Strap is made of the highest quality natural rubber and includes UV inhibitors to promote durability. The SILVERLINE brand has gained popularity among fleets and drivers doing business in colder climates, such as Canada. The natural rubber in the SILVERLINE Tarp Strap remains flexible, even in sub-zero conditions.

The new SILVERLINE Elite EPDM Tarp Strap was designed to provide the marketplace with a tough, high-functioning, U.S.-made, EPDM alternative to the status quo. Calico noted that the vast majority of rubber and EPDM tarp straps on the market today are imported, and that past material and manufacturing quality fluctuations had led Ancra to seek a U.S.-made alternative.

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