Telematics monitor helps improve fuel efficiency

Morey’s telematics solutions help companies monitor vehicle driver behavior, improve routing.

Woodridge, Ill.—Morey Corp. manufacturers telematics solutions, which help companies gain better fuel efficiency by monitoring vehicle driver behavior, vehicle health and optimal routing.

Demonstrable fuel savings through telematics are in the 8-10 percent range and a 2 mile per gallon improvement in some cases. For companies with vehicle fleets, this can be a big difference in both pollution and profit margin. Telematics monitor four specific driver behavior areas related to fuel efficiency:
- Idle time – if idle minutes exceed a minimum threshold (ex. 5 minutes),
- Engine speed – alerts if driver exceeds speed thresholds that affect fuel economy,
- Hard braking – alerts if driver uses high braking that affect fuel usuage, and
- Personal use of company vehicles.

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