Updated truck guide

Knaack and WEATHER GUARD Products announce updated GearUp Truck Fit Guide for all 2011 truck models.

Crystal Lake, Ill., February 23, 2011—Knaack LLC and WEATHER GUARD Products announce the updated GearUp Truck Fit Guide for all 2011 Truck Models. The Web-based interactive tool helps trucks owners ensure their WEATHER GUARD professional storage equipment fits their new vehicle.

“We measure every new truck and van model each year,” said Mike Sover, senior product manager for WEATHER GUARD. “We’re very interested in the truck bed itself, including dimensional changes and changes in sheet metal. Anything that will affect the fit of our truck boxes.”

The GearUp Truck Fit Guide includes data on all models going back to 2000 and provides precise guidance for every WEATHER GUARD storage equipment item including truck tool boxes, ladder racks, sliding platforms and heavy-duty drawer units.

Users can search the guide by selecting the make, model and year of their vehicle. Models emphasize bed size and include special notes such as interference between ladder racks and a pickup¹s side rails.

“Our new truck fit guide ensures an easier installation. When our product owner buys a new truck, they can be assured the truck boxes he has will fit properly and quickly.” Sover said.

WEATHER GUARD provides the widest selection of truck storage equipment available for all compact and full-size pickup and work trucks. In addition, a full range of van storage equipment is offered by WEATHER GUARD. Fleet managers and individual truck owners, as well as general contractors and trade contractors in commercial and residential construction, will find this interactive tool essential to the efficient planning and organization of their vehicles.

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