YES Essentials(r) Floor Mats Distributed by Global Accessories Inc.

Automobile floor mats, essentially, do not change. Now, there's something new! Milliken & Company's YES Essentials floor mats, distributed by Global Accessories Inc., are a step forward in what drivers step on every day.

YES Essentials is a high-performance line of automobile floor mats that resist stains and odor to keep cars clean and fresh longer than ever before. Patented and proprietary technologies - engineered by Milliken & Company - ensure YES Essentials floor mats offer No stains. No smells. No worries. (r)

StainSmart(r) - advanced stain-repel and stain-resistance technology keeps fabric looking great and makes cleaning easy.

AlphaSan(r) - antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

"Coffee will spill, ketchup will squirt, mud will stick to shoes," said Daniel Felsted, marketing manager, Global Accessories Inc. "You can't stop life from happening to your floor mats but you can control the damage with minimal effort."

Felsted noted YES Essentials automobile floor mats can be easily cleaned with only soap and water for the life of the carpet.

"It doesn't matter how big the stain is or how long it's been there," he added. "You won't need a special cleanser and you won't make a special trip to the coin wash. All you need are the essentials - soap and water."

YES Essentials floor mats are available for virtually all vehicles on the road today and are offered in eight attractive colors to match nearly any interior: black, grey, dark grey, light grey, dark taupe, light taupe, beige and sand.

Additionally, cargo mats, trunk mats and runners are available for many vehicles.

"Keeping your vehicle's interior clean with YES Essentials custom floor mats also helps increase its resale value down-the-road," added Felsted.

For more information and to place an order, visit or call the company toll-free at 800.950.9502.

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