Want to Increase Shop Productivity?

Make Sure You Have the Right Vehicle Lifts.

In today's uncertain economy, fleet maintenance managers are looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease costs. One important step they can take is to choose the right vehicle lifts when building a new facility, remodeling, or replacing outdated equipment.

Productivity is highest when technicians have easy access to vehicle components and room to work efficiently. Vehicle lifts in general provide convenient, comfortable access to every serviceable part of a vehicle, enabling technicians to perform more work in less time.

"Most vehicle lifts will have a positive impact on technician productivity," explains Roger Perlstein, heavy-duty sales manager for vehicle lift manufacturer Rotary Lift. "But to really make a difference, the lifts should be chosen very carefully. First, the style of lift — that is, inground, mobile column, four-post, etc. — should be appropriate for the types of services regularly performed. Then, the particular brand and model of lift should be evaluated for user-friendliness, speed, useful features, longevity and quality."

For maximum productivity, Rotary Lift recommends considering the following when evaluating a vehicle lift:

• Does the lift have wheels-free capability? In most shops, technicians spend the majority of their time on braking, suspension and steering. All of these tasks require that the suspension be unloaded.
• Is the lift easy to set up? How long does set-up take? Can the operator prepare a vehicle for lifting while standing, or does he have to crawl underneath it?
• How easy to use are the lift controls? Can the lift be moved precisely or only in broad increments? Precision control allows a technician to line up bolts and heavy components without a lot of manual pushing and shoving.
• How quickly is the vehicle lifted to full working height and brought back down? Slow lifts waste time.
• How much clear work space is provided under the vehicle, front to back and side to side?
A number of features further enhance the productivity of certain lifts. Some productivity-boosting features include:

• Integrated air and electric outlets.
• Automatic wheel chocks.
• Built-in lights.
• Rolling jacks.
• Drive-through ramps.
• Single-point locking release systems.
• Adapter and tool-storage racks.
• Wheel spotting dishes.
• Electronic locks.
• Infinite speed adjustment.
• Memorized wheelbase and height limit settings.
• Ergonomically placed controls.
• Adjustable wheel forks.
• Cord reels.
• Onboard troubleshooting, operation and maintenance information.
• Automatic spotting systems.

For more information about the full line of vehicle lifts and accessories available from Rotary Lift, contact your local Rotary distributor, visit www.rotarylift.com or call (800) 640-5438.

About Rotary Lift
Rotary Lift is the leading manufacturer of vehicle lifts and equipment designed to increase technician productivity. It offers the broadest line of lifts for use in professional automotive service, commercial truck and transit, and enthusiast/residential customer segments.
Founded in 1925 by the inventor of the first automotive hydraulic lift, and based in Madison, Ind., Rotary Lift has facilities worldwide. There are more Rotary Lift products used in vehicle repair shops throughout the world than any other brand.

With an uncompromising commitment to product quality, testing and safety, the company's products have achieved the reputation as the world's most trusted lifts. A founding member of the Automotive Lift Institute, Rotary Lift is also the only North American lift manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Rotary Lift is a Dover Company (NYSE: DOV).

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