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Utility safety: Fleetmatics co-authors safety white paper with Fleet Safety Institute.

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Commercial vehicles: As part of a mutual commitment to commercial fleet safety, Fleetmatics Group PLC, a global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes, and Fleet Safety Institute, a leader in providing industry best practices and services, has announced the availability of a co-authored white paper. The announcement came in conjunction with the Fleet Safety Conference that took place July 22-23.

The paper entitled, “Ensuring Fleet and Driver Safety: How Technology Helps Service Businesses Adhere to Regulations and Protect Employees,” is designed to help educate commercial fleet-related businesses about common safety-related issues and how to use technology to address them.

“Every year, thousands of road fatalities are attributed to commercial vehicles,” said Dale Willis, Director of Product Marketing – Business Intelligence, Fleetmatics. “The first step in reducing this number and ensuring greater safety for everyone on the road is for businesses to adopt and enforce greater fleet safety measures. Not only can this save lives, but there are also business benefits associated with a safer fleet that can help companies achieve world class safety standards.”

The white paper outlines the myriad impacts of commercial fleet-related accidents, as well as the path to safety initiatives that can mitigate various types of operational risks.

“Aggressive and fatigued driving are just two of the key issues fleet operators must address,” said J. Kimo Ketner, Vice President, Fleet Safety Institute. “Advanced technology that, for one, allows for driver-centric initiatives, can be integral to reigning in aggressive driving habits and also help efficiently and cost effectively address new Hours of Service regulations designed to combat fatigued driving.”

The white paper can be found at: www.fleetmatics.com/ensuring-fleet-driver-safety-download.

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